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Niso Dynamic Story

What problems made us think about building Niso Dynamic company?

Nowadays most businesses are on the verge of developing their business on the web because they want to get more traffic from around the world.

Unfortunately, many of these ideas die because of complex and expensive software solutions.

Businesses usually are forced to hire a large number of inexperienced people to maintain their software full time, which in addition to the high cost it incurs, also brings integration and a low rate of return.

At the best situation, they are forced to hire a large number of inexperienced people to maintain the software solution full time that in addition to the high cost it incurs, it also brings integration and a low rate of return.

These problems make two high-flying friends curious about how to bring businesses easily to a new realm, and Niso Dynamic was created.

Nima Jamshidi CEO at Niso Dynamic

Nima Jamshidi

Chief Executive Officer Co-founder of Pisanco company

Alireza Emami COO at Niso Dynamic

Alireza Emami

Chief Operating Officer Co-founder of Ario Developers company

What was the purpose behind the Niso Dynamic?

Niso officially registered in Armenia in 2020 to design and develop innovative ideas and to create a smooth and professional environment for people who cultivate valuable ideas in their heads.

With Niso's highly professional, creative, and committed team, the problems remove from your shoulders, and everything, including hosting, coding, designing, SEO, UX, advertising, etc... is manage and develop by our team.

We want the services and products we provide you to be one step higher than you expect from us so we can see the satisfaction and happiness from your face.

What is our competitive?

The question that arises for most people is what is the difference between us and other platforms such as Wix and 99Design?

The answer to this question is simple, you can't go to Mars even with the best car in the world.

Is it possible to create another Wix with Wix or can you build Facebook with 99designs?

Relying on world-class knowledge, the Niso team strives to develop products at a reasonable price, In the fastest time, and with premium quality, in a way that can not be found, so all clients are able to be unique in their industry.



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Niso Dynamic Canada office

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